This Is You At Your Best

by Uuno

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These songs were written by Christopher Wahamaki* between July and November of 2011. They were recorded, mixed and mastered with help from David Bolema.
This record would not have been possible without the following people:
David Bolema, Sophia Boudeliou, Kjartan Code, Fiona Dickinson, Katie Wahamaki, Joshua Garman and Crash City Saints
*music for "Focal Point" by Sophia Boudeliou


released March 6, 2012

Christopher Wahamaki - Guitars, Vocals, Synthesizers and Disgraceful Harmonica
David Bolema - Percussion, Trumpet, Violin, Piano, Mandolin and Harmonium
Sophia Boudeliou - Acoustic Guitar
Kjartan Code - Violin & Viola
Fiona Dickinson - Vocals

Cover Art By Sophia Boudeliou



all rights reserved


Uuno Paris, France

Ramshackle rock, with psychedelic subtleties and acoustic accoutrements.

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Track Name: Homeward
I'm chipping these stones
sharp into a point
'cause they tell me
I've been dull
and I've been blunt

I'm taking this point
and I'm setting it free
a grave gift from me
to my desires
to my enemies

I Think I heard You
and the song you sing
way out in the deep dark nothing
way out
next to me

I'm settling down
on fertile black soil
'cause the man with bones said:
"to the sun be loyal"

I'm tending the fire
with sister and brother
and the bone man through time
binding lover to lover to lover

"Home's moved on"
welcomes nowhere
in a breath like fall
so I grab a bag
and I fill it with dreams
and I start to walk
straight up the nothing
i'm hitting the road
it's just like riding a bike
stretched out like our roots
through the long dark night
Track Name: Arcadia
Fall is descending
I'm feeding something
higher than
i've ever fed
something hungrier

Gravity piles up
like routine
as nature
pulls inside
we hide

Warring with
the harvest moon
more like pleading:
"please fall faster"
my love will
ride you down

But I have to
maintain the ritual
and have no time
to look up and see
if my work is
worth it's weight
in gold
to see if the world
i've wrought
is sprouting fruit
Track Name: A Perfect Place
Is this a good place to be?
in graceful transition from
strong to weak
eyes full up
with the knell of crows
I try so hard
to play it cool

I make a joke, I say
"what's a few thousand miles anyway?"
well, it's no further than
the moon of June
or July

Passing through a tea field
Admiring cigarette butts
your lipstick sealed
I pass by on a train
heading home
or homeward
or something more vague

what is the opposite
of an airplane vanishing
into the clouds?
Just another airport perhaps

Now we'll see
who we are
what kind of world
these airports
connect us to

I'll see you tomorrow

We took the kids around the walls
at dusk to catch fireflies
we were oblivious to
the zenith of their childhood

there is no way to know
when and where
our diamonds grow
but we'll find a way
we'll find the perfect place
Track Name: My Blurry Dream
Alone on the highway
I honk my horn
and laugh uncontrollably
at the dark

I beat back the song that I first wrote
I make up whole new words
for the worlds that i've dreamed up
I'm just punching
holes in the sky
with my eager eyes
that have somehow managed to stay wide
as I stare on through
these imaginary holes
I smile 'cause I see you!

The longer that we live
more complex our juggling act becomes
Is this really me?
I have to laugh

There's a jungle out there
and you can try to hide
but the howling heard at night
is in the back of all our minds
isn't it?
we've been taught that the wild
is where the devil pulls his strings
but the disconnect is false
and the wilds never end
so a few of us find love
or even one just makes it through
it's a miracle to me!

I open up my eyes
every day
in a whole new way
because you told me:
"Everyday's Important"

Now I live my life
as if it were all made up
because that's sometimes how it feels
when I think of where I come from
I think of where i'm going and
I think of what I want
and I think about your face
staring at me through these holes
in my future I will falter
I'll grow lost upon my way
but I have a blurry dream
I'm gonna follow it!
Track Name: Focal Point
beyond this point
our eyes
strain to focus
but we push on

It's probably true
that I'm closer to your ghost
than I am to you
and It's probably true
that the future is nothing more
than the present rendered blurred
by weak eyes

close them, when I kiss you

beyond your eyelids
we must climb higher
our lycanthropic urge
to pull down the moon

You must sleep
in total darkness
and complete silence
I fell asleep
with the lights on
lips numb
without a worry

I let them go
when I'm with you
Track Name: Let That Spirit Out
smashing rocks
together in the rain
I put my ear
to the tender mud
grinding teeth
as if flint
for a dream's fire

at three
in the sleepless fog
I've forgotten it all--
I dread to know it anyway

Searching in circles
for circus values
while the will
of the wilds
howls at the moon
haunting the walls
that hide my harvest

my mother says
to let that spirit out
I'll try mom
I'll give it everything I've got

We're just as wild
as the blurry green undergrowth
we've hewn the asphalt through

at dead man's page
you can still smell the ink of
emotions premature
as memory fades
smashing rocks
together in the pouring rain

heavy muddled fear
is hanging around my neck
but I smile
'cause I've got two wings on my back
they're feathered with
the graces of all that've loved me
I owe it to them
to let this spirit out

yeah, maybe light don't go faster in the dark
but it sure is brighter.
Track Name: Changeling
Mom says I walked through fire
Don't know why I feel this way
Dad Says "it duddn't matter"
I pull the candle close to my heart
but it throws
so much light
on my weakness

Madonna of the prairie
won't you please
ride in and save me?

I throw the changeling
on the coals
just to bring you back
but the faeries carry
only truth:
we haven't changed at all
and the faeries are crows

It was never pure
my drive
to be burned alive
I was just chasing
my own emptiness
I sailed up
like ash
in an autumn fire
seeking pity from the stars
from my adolescent pyre
Track Name: Walls
Stumble in
Blurry through the gates
as you blur in a stumble on the horizon

you are staring in
from the inside
while the inside looks away

You made bricks of mud
at bible school
you smashed grapes
with the tender feet of a child

now vinegar in a dusty bottle
somewhere across the walls

it longs to be a letter from
one walled-off lover
to another
from a child
to a long buried mother
from the life giving river
to forever and ever and ever…

we all long to tear these walls down
we damn them all our lives

from orion's sword
to my poetic rust
70 lightyears
from campfire to streetlamp
from streetlamp to dust

our nameless littlenesses
confused together
we tend the fire
we mend the fox fur nebula

Throw on dusty sneakers
and collapse
into a 7-11
for the pillars of creation
back home
in a helium flash

our sun's death
in the breath-like halo
on the ghost
of Jupiter

please don't tell me how it happens
I've seen it all before
vinegar in a half-drunk bottle
I've seen it too many times.
Track Name: This Is You At Your Best
the voice of my future is fragile
like crumbling bricks of mud
please pull all these dusty walls down
that hide our little moon

downstream lie
the October urges
and the lycanthropic haunts
of our downed dreams:
a wild and reckless
harvest of struggle

our little tumbling moon maintains
my howling spirit-pride
descending in the blurry june,
somewhere beyond your eyelids

home, this is you at your best:
the light from orion's sword
faster than September we rest
we dream-crawl over hot coals

I dreamt that I had tonsillitis
I awoke in the back of a car
winding through a rugged view
of some far-off mountain dreamland metropolis

In this dream I was rendered mute
but you spoke my every desire
without a care, I laid and I stared up at you
you knew every word

I rested my head on your lap
your fingers ran through my hair
like a child, I played with your stockings
while the setting sun danced in our eyes

love, this is you at your best
I remember we kissed on that piano bench
All stretched out, we laid on September
and watched this wild dreamland unfold

is this a good place to be
somewhere beyond November
the harvest ruins
the Eskimo nebula
collapsing this dust
and my poetic rust
and all the times that i gave up
into stars

our little moon lives
and crawls on walls
in kung-fu steam on a bridge
enshrined July and the diamonds we hide
through the wilds, past the walls, over coals under soil, under stars
on the train headed homeward or something more vague

You know this is you at your best
In the face of a moon that couldn't care less
time and speed are distance indeed
yeah, that sounds about right to me, duddn't it?

Where are the songs of spring?
Where, O Where, O Where can they be?
And Where is my Madonna of the prairie?
She's coming around the mountain in dreams
so it seams
sound asleep
and half-reaped
on her way to rosebud island

a gift from the spirit of August
we will ride the pride
all around the garden I've grown
in the far-out dreams
you rest your cheek upon