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she pulls on a string
“shall we depart?”
red velvet lips sing
in the key of a child’s dream
her smile
like some ancient wordless drama
written for kings
lost children surround her
smiling and nodding
they listen as she speaks
glass chimes ring
in a foul wind

“the port-town called Homeward
has work for you all
it’s in the Candlelight Lands
where night never quite falls
its bridges stretch high
above the gull-mottled sea
where ships big as whales
can take you anywhere you wish to be

the streets are a labyrinth
no, you’ll never see it all
but there’s a shop on every corner
with something wondrous…

and novel to show”
with threads of twilight, romance and magic
she quietly sews their way
through the darkening woods
the kids blindly follow
In love with her wide and unblinking eyes
Like the light of the moon
Seen from the hopeless depths
of a violent sea

quicksilver drips
From her inhuman face
Like some Mad jack’s collection
Of baroque picture-frames
That the cannibal artist
Gave the puppeteer king
Who nurtured the features
Till he broke all his fingers

His lifelong ambition,
Was to make a real face
With conviction, wisdom, elegance,

With beauty and grace
the flame
of her wildlings’ allegiance
grows brighter each day
as the never-ending fable
takes them away

first Johnny grows fangs
and he bites Michael’s tail
who screams in black flames
its lucky Lucy’s grown scales
some children are winged,
others writhe in the dirt
all fur, spikes and horns
some have four eyes or more
no laughing or screaming
they just growl and roar

and their queen, she is singing
knocking an arrow
to her wild hawthorn bow

what’s underneath?

Some porcelain thing
sits broken, her puzzle
pieces hang loose
with wire and string
sneaking out from the cracks
in her red velvet lips
she sews while she sings
the wild heather sways in the breeze
that blows from the sea
it’s made out of leather
and by nightfall
it should be complete


from Mermaid Stew, released December 9, 2014



all rights reserved


Uuno Paris, France

Ramshackle rock, with psychedelic subtleties and acoustic accoutrements.

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